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  • 2014年12月17日
ignition (2014)

Engineer Saves an Old Ryokan (a Traditional Japanese Inn) and ‘Totoro Tree’ The success story of a reinvented Ryokan
(This article was previously published in TOYO KEIZAI ONLINE. It has been modified from the original.)
“To be honest, I didn’t have a choice” recalls Tomio Miyazaki, Managing Director of Motoyu Jinya Ryokan at Tsurumaki Onsen. “My wage working at Honda wasn’t enough to repay the debts on my family’s Ryokan. So even though I had no experience in Ryokans, I quit Honda to help out the family business.”
The success story behind Miyazaki’s reinvention of the family Ryokan quickly spread throughout the entire industry. The controversial approach of entrusting a Ryokan to a man with no previous experience in the industry is what makes this feat even more special. This is a prime example of how an unorthodox approach to an age old business model can breathe new life into an industry.